Grief to Grace Support Group

Grief to Grace Support Group

We are a group of  people, that are loving each other through the healing process of walking from grief to grace.



Our greatest desire is to inform and make our community aware, that there is a support group available to those that have lost loved ones regardless of the circumstance.

This group started from the heart of one women’s loss that united a group of other’s walking through the same process. Our desire is that no one is left behind in the shadow of grief, but that every person overcomes and walks through the process of healing to the freedom of Grace!

Grief to Grace helps to transform the lives of hurting people in the greater Dayton area directly affected by violence to respond without violence.

Grief to Grace provides help, understanding and compassion through support groups for families and individuals who have lost a loved one through violence, abandonment or other form of loss.

  • We value the sacredness of all life
  • We value relationships built on trust, compassion and acceptance that enable healing
  • we value learning healthy responses to violence
  • we value collaboration with a similar mission

Meet The Founder

Grief to Grace Support Group

Dayton, Ohio

My name is Carmen Jackson and through my own grief and pain, I have come to the realization that each individual's experiences and journey are unique; however, they are not alone. With this knowledge and the belief that my actions are louder than my words, I have the desire to help others to heal and feel a sense of connection. With having witnessed pain being experience by all ages and in the understanding and experience of my own pain and the senseless and brutal disappearance and death of my son, I recognize a need to make a difference in the lives of others, especially children. I see it as being my vital mission in life for children to grow up feeling good and positive about themselves and their surroundings.


My dedication to help and encourage others flourished during my decade of service as a board member of the Midwest Woman-to-Woman Seminar; and I am a current member of the National Association of Professional Women. However, my greatest effort to reach those in need would be my first published literary piece, Finding Myself Through Emotional Pain; which gives an account of how my childhood pain evolved to drug addiction and alcoholism and how I have now been sober for over two decades.